Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spin Class is here!

Sunflower Bike Shop and Star Signs and Graphics Present:

Winter Spin Class Training Series


Adam Mills

Beginning Thursday, Nov

13 at: STAR.

801 E. 9th Street

Coach Mills

Adam Mills, M.S.Ed.


-USA Cycling: Expert Coach

-Multiple years of NRC racing

-M.S.Ed. Clinical Exercise Science

-Published numerous times,

-Member, HRRC/ Trek Stores Elite Cycling Team

Adam has the core knowledge, enthusiasm, and communication skills to motivate, coach, and train you to improve your athletic prowess.

Adam’s coaching method will help you reach your full potential through focus on physical, behavioral and strategic coaching.

The Training

The Winter Training Series will improve your fitness and maximize your winter training regardless of athletic aspirations, ability or experience. Some of the elements the class will focus on:

-Improve overall fitness.

-Develop your aerobic energy system.

-Increase endurance.

-Improve repeatability of maximal efforts.

-Reduce recovery time.

-Improve knowledge of cycling and fitness.

-Educate the athlete where appropriate.

-Help athlete to create and achieve goals.

Regardless of your ability, Adam’s individually tailored programs utilize principles of exercise physiology. This will help you to reach your full potential. Based on your individual goals, Adam will coach, advise, inspire, and motivate you throughout the Winter.

The Details

The Winter Training Series will begin with a fitness assessment during the first class

-Classes begin-

Thursday, November 15 and will run every Monday and Thursday evening 630-800pm for 30+ sessions through March 6.

-Pedals are turning at 6:30, and will run until 8pm. Please be early!

-UPDATE!! All Classes will be held at Star this year (801 E. 9th Street). Bring your trainer and leave it here for easy setup!

-Tuition is $130. Dues paying members of KU Cycling are eligible for the “College Discount.” Pro-rated Tuition is available.

-You will need: your motivated self, your bike, trainer or rollers, a heart rate monitor (average and max HR are great), water or energy drink, and a towel, or two, or three…..

Equipment is available at Sunflower Bike Shop for purchase. Ask about the “Spin Class Deals.”

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Grad School Field Day 2008"

Ahh yes, Field Day. The day where the overwhelming theme is, "Recess!" We all remember that day. Some would dread it, some would embrace it, some really didn't care. I was one who embraced the idea of competition on the not so grand scale. Whether it was the 50 yard dash, the water balloon toss, or even the Flip Cup. The bottom line is, "winners win."

Such was the case as I was invited to the 2nd? Annual Grad School Field Day, 2008. The competition was fierce, the beer was good and the prizes were Excellent! As you can see, I was the winner of the "Ghetto Sack Race" which was renamed, "Socio-Economically Challenged Sack Race" to be politically correct.

Great care should be taken to avoid dehydration. This basket on my cruiser bike holds 2 Growlers full of Octoberfest beer from Free State Brewery.

The turn-around point for all the events.

Water balloon toss. My team started well and were in the mix but narrowly missed a medal.

Sean showing off the hardware.

Patrick IS, kind of a big deal.

Dizzy Bat is indeed more fun with a couple of adult beverages.

The Three Legged Race shatters hopes and dreams, yet someone will always emerge victorious!

Preliminary round of the Ghetto Sack Race.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

GBR (Ghetto Bike Racing) Rule number next one:


Two water bottles maximum allowed per training ride or race. If the temperature is not hot, you only need one. Water is an unneeded item for the true Ghetto Bike Racer.