Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CX Nats Course

Here's the preview video from a race we had in October:

And here is the final revision. A great shout out to Jeremy Haynes and Boss Cross. I've known Jeremy for years and I believe he was a key instigator of the entire Cyclo-cross (CX) scene here in the KC, Lawrence, Topeka area. Anytime there's an "underground culture" movement, you can usually trace it to a few and incredibly enthusiastic people who not only liked to watch and participate themselves, but who are able to impress this excitement upon others. This charisma and ability to influence others intrigues a few, who spread it even more. Such was the case when CX was in its infancy in KC back in 2000 (at least in my world). All that I know is that I went from riding long rides in the cold to riding long rides in the cold and then racing this "new" discipline. And now, there's a full schedule of CX events within 50 miles of my house!

In contrast, other areas are just getting started in CX. Still others have not yet had the necessary catalysts step forward.

Thanks to Jeremy and others like Mark Thomas (the man behind the 2000 CX Nationals in KC) CX is here for a long time... Who knows... these two could have influenced those in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska and begun the CX craze there too.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Zero Traction and Beers, and previews.

A bunch of us had dinner and enjoyed some fabulous Free State beers before watching the world Premeire of "Zero Traction."

Keith Walberg and the folks at Gizmo did a great job of creating a documentary/ video diary of the 2007 CX Natz. You can Purchase Zero Traction Here. There's lots of footage of any and all KC area racers. Including that of most folks that have lived in the KC area, once upon a time (that's you Jed).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

GBR: Rule #32

If you crash during a race, and aren't hurt, get up! The race isn’t over yet and wallowing in self pity won’t help you get your road rash to the finish line any faster. There’s plenty of time to dress wounds later. Right now, there’s a bike race in progress.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Austin, ghosts, goblins, and CX oh my.

It's been a while since I've put any sort of new post up. Here goes:

Austin. I went back to Austin to see some friends, do some orientation and participate in LAF Challenge. It's a cancer research fundraiser bike ride. For anyone who is on the fence about going down there, it's incredible! Well run ride with lots inspiration. Indeed, many of the volunteers are Survivors and are most grateful for everything you do.The coffee shop outside Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop.

Dell's Angels Bar at mile 30-ish.

Coffee and Beer (behind the barista) at the final SAG stop.

Also: I went to some Halloween parties in the last two weekends. This has to be my favorite Holiday! I was an "Identity Crisis" in Austin and a rocker on the real Halloween. Or as a neighbor put it, "lookin' good." I should have an entire slide show below, I hope.

Now to CX, I've raced a few cross races this year and I think the score is: 4-3 in my favor. I'm riding about where I was last year which is good considering everything. I'll try and find some pics, but I managed to flat twice which basically means you can't really go anywhere but backwards, fast when that happens. I rode around with Steve Tilford for about a lap before crashing, then rode behind the group racing for second for about 2 laps before flatting for the second time. Overall, I felt good, but my tires had some problems holding air in them.