Friday, January 27, 2012


This post really has nothing to do with fitness, coaching or anything of performance value.  Actually, it reminded me exactly why it is so very difficult to write about things that truly move you.......

Sometimes it takes an event that can described as nothing except sorrowful to give you a bold reminder of your mortality.

Bruce Edwards
Bruce Edwards lost his battle with ALS a couple of days ago and while I managed to keep it to the side of my mind for a little while, eventually, it comes to the forefront and everything hits at once.  I could talk about Bruce and all that he means to so many people; but instead, I'll talk about a gift I received from him which, what I believe, is one of the the most touching gifts anyone can ever give.

Following the Tour of Kansas City last summer, the entire Mercy Cycling Team and a few others were planning on a barbeque at the Edwards' house.  Unbeknownst to me, I was going to arrive very early and leave before the festivities began.  As luck would have it, this would set the stage....

I found myself, on a sweltering summer evening, sitting on Bruce's back porch with him just watching the birds and admiring the view.  I don't even remember what we talked about.  It wasn't even important as I remember this experience.  The thing that really stayed with me is that Bruce gave me something so very precious to all of us; time.

You see, time is the ultimate currency.  Everything we work for, everything we buy, every dollar or euro or whatever is ultimately traded with time.  No matter how much money you have or no matter how many things you own, you will never recoup the time you gave to earn the money to purchase that new shiny bit.  You will never recoup the time it took for you to drive that hour to and from work every day and that extra hour of overtime can never be re-allocated to spend with those you love.  And that time, is very limited.  It's the same for rich and poor, man and woman, black or white. The clock always ticks.





the view from the back porch
And just like all currency, we get to choose how we spend time and who we spend it with.  Depending on our perception of limitation with upcoming deadlines or events, we spend it more or less wisely on what we want or need.  Bruce, more than anyone understood how limited that resource was to him.  Yet, here we were, just me and him.  Sitting on that porch watching the birds and talking about who knows what.  I was worthy of Bruce's time; of a very limited and invaluable resource.  That may be the most meaningful compliment I've ever received from anyone.  It took me a while to understand, but I get it now.  Thank you Bruce.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Join SE: 500k Training Camp with Kristian House p/b Nelo’s Cycles

Camp Flyer HERE 

All Source Endurance clients, ask about your special pricing!

Spend 5 days training with the former British National Champion on the same
roads he uses to prepare for his upcoming race season. These same roads and
routes have led him to great successes in previous seasons, now you can take
advantage of the phenomenal training grounds that South Texas has to offer.
Nelo’s Cycles will provide full mechanical and nutritional support for the entire
camp so all you have to worry about is building the base miles like the Pros do.
Every day of riding will be followed by a short clinics featuring industry experts as
Adam Mills of Source Endurance and Nelo Breda, former Brazilian National Team
Coach and former professional racer.

• Jan 18th – Introductions, 2hr morning
ride, 2hr afternoon ride, 1hr clinic on
fitting, training, season goals.
• Jan 19th – 6hr morning ride,
afternoon rest, evening clinic on off
and on the bike training.
• Jan 20th – 3hr morning ride, 2hr
afternoon TT ride, evening clinic
covering on and off the bike nutrition.
• Jan 21st – 6hr morning ride, afternoon
rest, evening Q&A with Kristian
• Jan 22nd – 6hr morning ride
Five day fully supported camp $350
One day pass available for $80


BASE CAMP AT HOTEL LA QUINTA 4424 South Mopac Expwy Austin, TX 78735
The camp will be held rain or shine unless the minimum required riders is not met.

For additional information or questions
email or call: 512 338 0505