Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Texas. Stepping into the CX Scene

We did another CX Clinic down in Austin and the biggest surprise was that there really are a large number of CX racers down south!  Everyone is a little behind the rest of the US with the CX setup, but that is changing rapidly.

First it starts with old road parts on a used frame.  Then, new CX bike that actually works well.  Next, add spare wheels in the pit.  Follow that with a complete spare bike (usually the bike from the first step).  Follow that with 2 completely new, mid level bikes, one with tubular tires.  Finally, two high end CX bikes with tubular wheels and tires to boot.  With the level of enthusiasm in Texas for cycling in general, look for this region to rocket through this progression and produce some quality CX riders in the future.  My prediction, Kevin Fish.  Watch for him.  The schedule for CX is currently restricted to reduce the number of events, but that can't last; as CX gains in momentum, so will the demand to have more races. 

Joseph Schmalz (KCCX) and Chris Wallace (KCCX alumni) helped to teach the clinic, and a fantastic job they did!  Those two have a vast amount of knowledge in the sport and simply having them at the clinic helped others to see up close how the next level does things.  Thanks to them for helping.

Finally, everyone followed up the clinic with the CX season opener at the Driveway in Austin.  Fun times were had by all!

Finally, I found this video of lap 1 in the UCI GP Gloucester CX.  Everyone wanted to see how fast the pros go and what it looks like for them.  Here you go.  I watched it a couple of times and found that I liked the levers in the frame as it shows the braking (front vs rear) zones and how fast the rider rips through the gears upon accelerating.  Also, be aware that this guy is in the BACK of the field.  Your contenders are probably noticeably faster on every section.


GP Gloucester Lap 1 UCI from colin reuter on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

CX Clinic 2.0. Austin, TX

The first clinic in KC was so much fun that we decided to do another one in Austin!  October 16 prior to the season opener.  Here's the flyer and some pics from CX Clinic 1.0 in KC.

Se Cx Clinic Atx

Shadd Smith teaching at the CX Clinic in KC.

Alyson Abel enjoys some skills practice

Joe Schmalz teaching pre-ride strategy
The tents are up and we're ready to go