Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Website Live! AND Athletes Showing Top Form Nationwide!

New Website is LIVE!  
New, updated, and awesome:

Breaking News!
It's official, Tom Price is going fast!  Including Friday night AND Saturday at Jingle CX , Tom has climbed to the top podium step in 4 consecutive races and 4 times in November.  Want more?  3 of the 5 wins are at national level races, meaning fierce competition from the best within a 1 day drive or around 500 miles.  Still want more?  The WINS are in four different staes!  Kansas, New Jersey, Nebraska, Iowa.  How many riders can say that?  STILL want more?  Tom is at the races all day, working the pits when he's not racing!  Tom has been progressing all season and is right on track for Nationals coming up in Bend, OR in two weeks time.  Stay tuned for more!  

If you are in Iowa and you're reading this, don't tell Tom!  "Never talk to a pitcher when he's throwing a perfect game." 

Jingle CX, UCI C2. Iowa City, IA.  11/27-29.
Jingle CX II (11/28)
Tom Price. Masters Men 40+: 1st!
Wanda Simchuk. Masters Women 35+: 2nd.
Dean Parker. Masters Men 55+. 2nd.
Shadd Smith. Men Elite: 18th.

Jingle CX I (11/27) 
Tom Price. Master's 40+: 1st! 
Scott Fleming. Master's 40+: 6th 
Shadd Smith. Men Elite (UCI C2): 17th.

2009 Mellow Johnnys Classic at Juan Pelotas Ranch. Dripping Springs, TX.  11/ 22.
Bryan Fawley.  Men Elite: 2nd. report here

Jon Toner. Men Cat2 30-34: 5th. 

Indy CX . Indianapolis, IN. 11/21-22
Tom Burke. Men Elite: 3rd Saturday; 2nd Sunday.

Lincoln CX. Lincoln, NE.  11/21-22

Tom Price: Master's 40+: 1st!

Scott Fleming.  Single Speed: 3rd. Sunday.

Dean Parker. Saturday: Masters 40+: 10th,  Single speed: 3rd
Sunday: Masters 40+: 6th, Single Speed: 4th
Dean typically competes in the 55+ category!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Joseph Schmalz invited to EuroCrossCamp 7.0!

A big congratulations to Joseph.  Here's the first line of his acceptance letter....

 "Congratulations Joe, 
 You have been selected to attend EuroCrossCamp 7.0."

Cyclingnews writes:

Joseph is 19 years old competing as the youngest member of the U-23 representatives.   The difference between 19 and 23 years is an enormous difference in physical maturity. Congratulations to Joe, and to everyone else... keep an eye on him.  

Help Joseph get to Europe by donating here.  All donations are to help him offset the costs incurred with this opportunity.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Source Endurance Athletes Earning Results Throughout Continental USA!

Wow.  Just WOW!  Five States, lots of podium steps.  It's always nice to see the culmination of some hard work.  Some folks are just hitting top form for their peak events and it shows!  Congratulations to everyone who competed and check out the athletes that climbed podium steps in New Jersey, Louisiana, Michigan, Kansas and Texas.....

USGP: Mercer Cup- Day 2. Trenton, New Jersey results here

Tom Price: Masters Men 45+: 1st Place. 

Tom Price's hardware.

KISS Cross CX; East Grand Rapids, MI  results here
Tom Burke.  Men Elite: 1st. Place.

Tom Burke en route to victory

Louisiana Trail Run Marathon 50k; Shreveport, LA results here

Jerry Bueno.  Male 1 and Over: 2nd Place, 6th Overall.

KS State CX Championships; Leavenworth, KS results here

Shadd Smith. Men Open: 1st.
Adam Mills. Men 30-35: 1st.
Dean Parker.  Men 55+: 1st. 
Wanda Simchuk. Women Open: 2nd. 
Scott Fleming.  Single Speed: 2nd,  Men 45+: 3rd.   
Mark Cole. Men 3/4: 5th.

Shadd Smith negotiates the slop

Dean Parker shows off the new SE kit

Mark Cole, just as the mud-fest begins.

Cyclocross Scuffle. Austin, TX.

Connor Cartland. Men Open: 3rd.

Connor hits the GO! button.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Source Endurance Takes Stock in Joseph Schmalz

Throughout the career of every successful cyclist, there are others with more talent, more drive, and less means that never have the opportunity.  Through grass roots development and a number of caring individuals and corporations, a pipeline for the up and coming riders has been established thanks to the KCCX/ Verge Cyclo-cross team and Bill Marshall.  KCCX/ Verge has done its part to develop young riders under the guidance of some of the more level headed and upstanding veteran riders I have ever known.

Source Endurance is proud to sponsor Joseph Schmalz for the 2009-2010 Cyclocross season, not because of who he could be or what he could do, but for who he is and what he does now.  Joseph is a true ambassador of cycling in all respects and disciplines.  He understands that cycling holds different meaning to everyone and that ultimately they are all united by two wheels.  Joseph also has been 100% on board with the methodology utilized by Source Endurance.  It does take a certain amount of trust to allow the system to work.  Joseph has done this and in the process, reaped the benefits of his targeted training all season long.  Keep an eye on him because there will be more to come!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

KCCX Fundraiser coming up on Thursday!

The road ahead of us is going to be fast, muddy and painful! We are looking for the support of the cycling community to get our riders to all USGP, NACT and National Championship events for the remainder of the year. Come join us for the 2nd Annual KCCX/VERGE Team Fundraiser on November 12th, 2009. All proceeds will benefit the riders who are representing the Midwest Nationally and Globally. After a successful 2008 at Nationals and Europe we are headed back across the pond! We hope to see you soon at the team fundraiser. If you can't attend and you would like to make a donation please

Thursday, November 12, 2009
6:00pm - 9:00pm
  Trek Store of Kansas City
10412 Shawnee Mission Parkway
Shawnee, KS 66203

More Podium Steps to Climb!

Heartland Park Topeka CX:  Results here

Men Open: Joseph Schmalz, 1st. (pictured)
Women Open: Wanda Simchuk, 2nd.
Women 4: Aubree Dock, 2nd.
Masters 50+: Dean Parker, 2nd.
Single Speed: Scott Fleming, 2nd.

Veteran's CX.  Leavenworth, KS: Results here

Men Open: Shadd Smith, 1st.(pictured); Adam Mills 5th. 
Men 3/4: Mark Cole, 1st.
Women Open: Wanda Simchuk, 2nd.
Masters 45+: Scott Fleming, 3rd.
Single Speed: Scott Fleming, 2nd.

Congrats to all!

Also, a special announcement coming later this week.  Stay tuned!

Friday, November 6, 2009

CX Season Blues. The dawg days of CX? Really?

Attendance are numbers down, and races are still blistering fast; which means the pain and suffering factor is through the roof.  Could it be?  Could the Dog Days of CX be here?  Completely possible.  CX is like any other sport.  Too much of a good thing causes burn out or burn up.  There are few reasons and the rate of burnout varies across any sport but here's an overly generalized shake down of the Dog Days of CX.......

First.  CX is a tough sport to apply any sort of periodization model to because of the compact season in the US.  We're talking late September to mid- December (Natz).  Sure it's different for the guys going to Europe and/ or World Championships; but how many of us is that really.  Seriously, don't kid yourself.  Anyways, because it's so short, any athlete trying to "get in shape during CX" is already behind the curve (which is why Source Endurance ran a CX Promo in August).  Training blocks are not and can not be the typical 3:1 week system that most coaches diligently adhere to.  Any build/ rest cycle must be very subtle and the athlete may not even notice when the 'rest' takes place.  Taking a stab at the CX season without periodization, usually leads to a general decline in performance right when you need to be going the fastest, at the end.  These cycles are all varying degrees of top end and MUST BE MONITORED VERY CLOSELY.  It doesn't take much to overreach an athlete into a slump in a truly CX specific program.  Factor in the shortness of the season and illness or slump could cost the athlete 1/4- 1/3 of the season very easily, or more!

Second, CX is hard.  Plain and simple. CX is all the power and fatigue of a grueling 4 hour road race compressed into about 45-60 minutes of pure punishment.  Sure its short but the mental toll of that much high intensity does wear on most riders.  I've heard lots of talk about TSS and IF numbers in reference to CX.  These numbers are misleading and CX requires a different method of using them.  If you didn't understand the last two sentences, don't worry.  You don't need to.

Third, most of us have already raced a full 2009 road season.  This increases the number of competition days from 20-30 to 45-65 for most riders.  That's a lot of days on the road, eating Subway, drinking bad gas station coffee, and breathing hotel air conditioner air, all of which adds even more travel stress.  And finally, the weather.  October was cold.  Coldest on record in the Midwest.  That makes training tough and racing more cumbersome.  Factor in the thought of doing it for 6 more weeks and people tend to get tired just thinking about it.

Bring it all together and there you have it.  A perfect recipe for the Dog Days of CX.  This is the time of season where most athletes take one of two routes.  Sometimes they choose the path.  Sometimes they don't.  Down one road, athlete either has already topped out in his/ her CX abilities for the season and will now start a steady decline in performance while they expand their repertoire of excuses to explain the slipping form.  Or, taking the other turn, the athlete will seem to "find another gear" and continue to improve, getting faster to the point where (relatively speaking) they seem to be riding on a sidewalk while the others are slogging away on grass.  Either of these scenarios sound familiar?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Source Endurance Clients Continue to Impress!

Dean Parker

Boss Cross  Masters 55+: 1st  Saturday
Sunflower Cross.  Masters 55+:  2nd.  Single Speed: 1st.

Tom Price
Sunflower CX.  Masters: 1st.

Wanda Simchuk 
Boss Cross.  Women Open: 2nd.

Shadd Smith 
Sunflower CX. Men Open: 2nd.

Aubree Dock
Boss Cross.  Women Open: 4th.