Friday, November 13, 2009

Source Endurance Takes Stock in Joseph Schmalz

Throughout the career of every successful cyclist, there are others with more talent, more drive, and less means that never have the opportunity.  Through grass roots development and a number of caring individuals and corporations, a pipeline for the up and coming riders has been established thanks to the KCCX/ Verge Cyclo-cross team and Bill Marshall.  KCCX/ Verge has done its part to develop young riders under the guidance of some of the more level headed and upstanding veteran riders I have ever known.

Source Endurance is proud to sponsor Joseph Schmalz for the 2009-2010 Cyclocross season, not because of who he could be or what he could do, but for who he is and what he does now.  Joseph is a true ambassador of cycling in all respects and disciplines.  He understands that cycling holds different meaning to everyone and that ultimately they are all united by two wheels.  Joseph also has been 100% on board with the methodology utilized by Source Endurance.  It does take a certain amount of trust to allow the system to work.  Joseph has done this and in the process, reaped the benefits of his targeted training all season long.  Keep an eye on him because there will be more to come!