Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rain, Rain; stir crazy; Okay, HERE WE GO!

This post is a bit convoluted as I've been sitting around the house for a few days with nothing new going on. I need to find my memory card for the camera. I've got some great things ya'll need to see. Including, but limited to: gophers, fruit, office furniture, plants of unknown origin.

Stir Crazy! Holy crap. I've been waiting since Austin, sometime in June to race again. All my attempts were foiled the last few weeks. I got sick. Was still sick. Well, actually I could have raced that day, but I had no horsepower, no motivation, no ability to pedal faster than 15 mph. Okay, maybe I couldn't have raced- but it's fun to talk about. Whatever I had was some sort of virus that hung on and fought tooth and nail to keep me in bed and tired all the time. Finally, I feel well and that is awesome! I don't really have any top end but that should come back, "fast" right? Right.

Rode in the rain yesterday for something like... forever. I really wanted to race but I'm not doing that in the rain, in a ..... I've already been over that.

Victor Continental Returns!!!

I've been waiting for this show since last year, right about now! Behold, Victor Continental X. I know, I know. You're going to say, "Adam, this is just some sketch comedy/ drinking game." SO! It's fun! And besides, who else makes this the name of his auto biography: " Donkey Punch: My Life in Women and Comedy" ? This guy is like James Bond; but dirtier and without a firearm. Actually... well, just watch this. I can't wait for Friday! Until then.......