Monday, January 26, 2009

Adventures in the Lone Star

I spent a couple of weeks in the TX over the holidays (yeah, I'm still behind in the posting, but I can do that on my blog). So here are some updates of the adventures....

New Year's Eve -24 hours.
My super fantastic girlfriend, Alyson flew into DFW on new year's eve, eve. The next day, we got in the car and drove south, toward Austin, TX- the Big Apple.

Met up with the Source Endurance crew for some celebration. Ended up at the party of a client, I think.... From there, it was all, celebrating, Beer Mile (4x 440yd, 1 beer per teammate immediately prior to running.... the final 380yd were basically impossible to run with a tummy full of beer), Congo lines, Krispy Cremes, and noise makers. Just look at the pictures, you'll see.

And here are some pics from the the first few minutes of 2009.

The day after.....
Alyson and I went all around Austin exploring sightseeing, tourist-ing. Well... at least the few places that were open. We did find a place that served Smores!

Turn the computer sideways. I couldn't figure out how to rotate the picture. Somehow my default picture viewer got changed and it doesn't play nice with blogger.

From there we had dinner with a friend of mine from years ago. Sitting in Joseph Lafico's living room that night, we decided to head to San Antonio for the TXCX championships that weekend. Which provides an excellent prelude to the next post.