Saturday, May 9, 2009


Round 2... With day 1 playing out well for Mercy on GC, we decided that the best way to use the horsepower we had was to make the race hard. That meant putting guys in moves all day long. And putting pressure on the field from the beginning. The plan was to start the day with a couple of guys riding in early moves, a couple of guys in the late moves and saving a couple guys for the late moves.

I was supposed to be a "middle guy" but when Andrew Crater comes by and says, "you wanna go up to that?" as I slide on his wheel what am I supposed to do? So I audibled the play and we went across to a developing 6 man break at ludicrous speed. The break never gained more than 50seconds and the field was always chasing, hard. 45 miles later, we're back in the field. But the work took it's toll on the riders as the next 20 miles were a full 2.5mph slower than the first 45 miles. Hmmm....

Cue Brian Dweiza. He rides away solo and is joined by 3 others who ride for those 20 miles gaining up to 2:05 on the now chasing field all the way to Mt. Gaylor. I helped chase a threatening move back on the climb, then get dropped in the last 500m. Ahhhh! Okay, get feed, and chase. And chase. And chase. A Colavita rider and myself rode 10-15 seconds off the back end of the caravan for 11 miles. OUCH!!!!!!!!

Final 15 miles, we had Colt in the move, until he flatted which took our tactically strong position to a tactical disaster. Cue Chris Wallace and myself chasing to bring back a 25second gap. That is until I cramp. Sit up and ride the next 8 miles easy to avoid hurting myself.... more. Joe, Kolt and Chris held same time as the field with one rider leapfrogging into first.

Gotta go get in the van now. Thanks for reading!

Today will be..... wet.

Tarzan Chris.

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Fastest bike on Mercy in the uphill TT. 2004 baby!