Saturday, July 11, 2009

Super Week... How Many?

Alex Boyd started this on his facebook page. The single thread started and within a few hours grew to this. I copy/ pasted them all and put them together. It was amazing how many people contributed and how many people love Superweek. here we go!

Alex and many others wonder how many times the following will happen at Superweek '09:

1. It will be announced that Eddie Van Guyse played the villain Italian in the motion picture "Breaking Away.”

2. How many riders Kris (the registration/prize money lady) will become impatient with and scowl at. (can't say I blame her)

3. How many races will be stopped within the last 5 laps due to crashes.

4. How many Pro Elite Development Amateur team riders will run out of talent in a corner and take out 30 guys.

5. How much PBR, Miller, Point, etc. beer will be drunk by fans and racers alike.

6. How many hours the Holy Hill Road Race will start late.

4. How many races will start over an hour late.

7. How many 3rd world national teams will come to Superweek and absolutely throttle everyone and then return home with their prize money and live like kings.

8. How many thousands of dollars the Super Prime will be at Downers Ave.

9. How many dollars in late fees I would have been charged for not pre- registering. I'm guessing hundreds.

10. How ... many times I would have gotten bored during a 100km crit and had inner dialogues with myself where I had to convince myself to not pull out and actually finish the race so I could win my entry fee back (didn't happen too often last year).

11. How hotel rooms will actually contain 6 guys when only one is registered.

12. How many hotel pools will be used as post-race shower facilities.

13. How many relatives and friends in the area will have broke-ass bike racers living in their basements for 2 weeks :-) No, seriously I love you guys ...

14. How many times you will hear "(fill in the name of a foreign rider)" loves collecting pictures of Benjamin Franklin." (i.e., winning $100 bills) Gotta love Eddy!

15. How many updates Eddie will give regarding the Tour only to find out later he was wrong or had the wrong guy.

16. At the Kenosha Crit how many times will you hear Robbie "The Rocket" or "K-Town Motor" Ventura even when he won't be there.

17. How much debt (from entry fees and food, possibly lodging) will be amassed by joker pro-developmental riders that can't make it in the money once over the course of three weeks.

18. How many of those guys will re-evaluate their decision of being a pro-developmental rider and get a real job.

19. How many innocent host families will be shockingly introduced to the true meaning (through example) of the word "cretin.”

20. How many times will the lap board magically go from 26 to 21 laps to go... or from 19 to 14? Funny how that seems to happen when races are running behind.

21. How many times guys will think that pushing you out of the way is the best way to make room.

22. How many times the foreign riders will freak out when they have someone dive a corner and take "their line."

28. How many $5 surcharges will be paid because some a-hole wrote 17 bad checks last year and now ALL of us get to fund his Superweek 2008, during Superweek 2009.

29. How many times would you hear "on your inside."

30. It's just not the same with out "The Gun Show."

31. How many crashes will be in the 4/5 feilds? Thats a good one... Maybe we can take bets?

32) How many times will someone who sat in the entire race dive bomb you in the last lap just to get 32nd?