Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pre- Race Ramblings

As I sit here, sipping on a glass of 2 buck chuck and watching UT absolutely destroy Colorado in what was a good game (until reality set in) some thoughts struck me and I couldn't help putting them on the blog-o-sphere.

First, I really hope there's some sort of starting procedure in tomorrow's CX race.  Last week we started with 13 guys in the same space meant for 8 wide which meant that only those who are able to push and shove as they clip in are going to get those coveted and rare advantageous spots into the first corner.  The flyers on all the local races say something like, "call up order will be in order of registration."  I'd like to see that actually enforced.  I'm not sure whose responsibility that is but it really can't be that tough to execute.  With the races being so top heavy in talent and ability, along with some decent numbers toeing the line in all the categories, it's about time to get some order on the start line.

Second, I'm really impressed with the officials starting all the races on time the last few weeks.  It seems like the status quo in Kansas was to run every race 20-30 minutes late and that it was, "okay" to do.  I hope this continues to happen.

Third, I'm very pleased with the racing in the Midwest so far.  With the ascension of some younger guys, along with some of the veterans stepping up their game, and some out of towners rolling in, there have been 5-6 guys lining up that are capable of scoring a UCI point on a good day.  The result... and Shadd called it early this spring...this is the fastest and hardest CX year in the KC/ Midwest area.  It makes it worthwhile to stay home and race some quality events, vs. spending the $$ to travel far and away.

Finally, with the increased attendance comes elevated competition. We are all seeing the status quo/ pecking order/ totem pole positions being challenged in every category.  This means some epic battles are in store as the 2009 CX season kicks off.

See y'all Sunday!