Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jingle Cross (videos) and other Top Results.

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Breaking News!  The Streak Continues!

It's official, Tom Price is going fast!  Including ALL THREE RACES at Jingle CX , Tom has climbed to the top podium step in 5 consecutive races and 6 times in November.  Want more?  4 of the 6 wins are at national level races, meaning fierce competition from the best within a 1 day drive or around 500 miles.  Still want more?  The WINS are in four different staes!  Kansas, New Jersey, Nebraska, Iowa.  How many riders can say that?  STILL want more?  Tom is at the races all day, working the pits when he's not racing!  Tom has been progressing all season and is right on track for Nationals coming up in Bend, OR in two weeks time.  Stay tuned for more!  

If you see Tom, do NOT mention this.  "Never talk to a pitcher when he's throwing a perfect game."

The Last Kiss CX East Grand Rapids, MI 11/29
Tom Burke. Men Elite: 1st!

Jingle CX, UCI C2. Iowa City, IA.  11/27-29.
Jingle CX III (11/29)

Joseph Schmalz.  Men Elite: 17th
Shadd Smith. Men Elite: 25th.
Tom Price. Masters Men 40+: 1st!
Dean Parker. Master Men 55+: 3rd.

Jingle CX II (11/28)
Tom Price. Masters Men 40+: 1st!
Wanda Simchuk. Masters Women 35+: 2nd.
Dean Parker. Masters Men 55+. 2nd.
Shadd Smith. Men Elite: 18th.
Adam Mills. Men Elite: 25th.

Jingle CX I (11/27) 
Tom Price. Master's 40+: 1st! 
Scott Fleming. Master's 40+: 6th 
Shadd Smith. Men Elite (UCI C2): 17th.

Jingle CX Recap.....
Mud.  That was the theme of the weekend.  Not really mud, but more like horse poop.  Sticks to everything and the only way off is with a power sprayer.  That's where the KCCX Pit Crew stepped up.  All weekend, in multiple races The riders not racing were manning the pits so that KCCX riders would have bikes that went fast and go fast they did.  Multiple top placings including the first win from Alex Edwards racing the 2/3 Men.  Watch him, he's on the move....  Thanks to all the Pit Crew because without them, not a single rider would have been able to race to his/ her full ability.  It was definitely nice to be able to haul ass into the pit, to the handoff, and jump on a clean and well working bike.  Such a luxury.

Jingle CX is probably one of the most fun trips I take all year.  Iowa City is like gem in the middle of... well, Iowa.  College towns are typically like that though.  Groovy.  The races are probably the most humbling of any CX race I do all year.  Sure there are technical parts of every CX race, but this race relentless.  Every year, only the strong AND the one who can drive a bike the best will win.  Having either is not enough.  Also, you absolutely can not be afraid to fall down.  I stopped counting after about 6 on the weekend and I know everyone fell or nearly fell in every race, every day.  Don't lie to yourself.  You're not an infallible bike driver.


 Jingle Cross, the Video.  Thanks to Keith Walburg!

Jingle Cross 2009: Friday Night Cross from Gizmo Pictures on Vimeo.