Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Epic One on the Trails

It's been snowing here.  Not enough to put a full stop on everything like in Washington DC, but enough to make everything gross.  Roads have been slushy, gravel roads are sloppy mud, but the trails were good.... yesterday.  Yup, yesterday was frozen and snowy but great traction.  Today, not the case......  We were going to quit early and call it a day, then the voice of reason says, "why not keep going?  The bikes are already trashed."  So, 2.5 hours of tough riding later it was all over.

It did this a couple days ago:


So Bill, Joe, myself, and Duke rode mountain bikes (Not Duke, he ran) , which got muddy, which froze, which got more muddy.....


Epic!  Duke spent the rest of the day in this position, after a bath: