Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tactics Talk moved to New Location

Greetings Everyone,

This Thursday's workshop venue with Adam Mills will be moving from Coaches Bar & Grill South their other location @ 103rd & Wornall due to a scheduling snafu:

When: 6-8pm
Where: Coach's Bar & Grill @ 414 W. 103rd St. (I-435 & Wornall), 816-941-2286

We will start the presentation at 6:15 to allow for anyone to who missed the update to travel over. The south location will be setup to direct them. Hopefully we can contact most everyone before hand, please forward this update to anyone you contacted.

Plan on being there at 6:00pm or a bit early as we are being provided a number of free appetizers "waiting for us when we arrive" for the trouble of the venue move.