Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring un- Fitness?

Spring.  “The season of growth.”
In nature this means an explosion of life as the woods come alive after a long winter of sleep.  The birds come back after their vacations south and the snow melts.  Finally.  However, concerning athletic performance, the foundation of spring started long ago…..

It is easily evident to distinguish who put in the hard work over the offseason to keep themselves on track, and who is painfully behind the curve in meeting their performance goals.

The athlete is bombarded everyday with feedback pertaining to his/her performance, whether in the form of objective or subjective indicators.  Objectively, the power meter tells all and does not lie, nor does it sugar coat.  Those hard numbers are instrumental in returning to peak fitness in time for your season goals.  Subjective ability is what the athlete sees and feels in competition and is derived from athlete comments and from the scheduled consults. How is the athlete feeling?  Is the fitness there?  Where does it lack?  What needs immediate correction?

Source E uses both of these measures as key tools to tailor a path towards peak fitness starting in the offseason.  Over time we modify training, making course corrections, based on both avenues of input to keep each athlete on course both absolutely and relative to his/ her peers.

We’re starting to get some meaningful data from 2010’s early events as well as training.   Some of the clients Source Endurance has multiple years’ worth of training and can track progression over time.  The results are astounding!

Over the next 3 days, Source Endurance is going to examine one different client per day (if they would like, they can identify themselves), each with similar goals from the previous year.  These clients all have data from previous season(s) and viewing the progression is a wonderfully fulfilling thing.  Stay tuned!