Friday, February 29, 2008

Reflecting of Life. Something you can only do away from home.

You know, sitting around a foreign town while on vacation, you get a fair amount of time to review your life.

First is that it's amazing how many people care for my well being. I crashed last week as many of you know... hard. Oh, here's a picture of the carnage. To the right is me falling and the end of my bike, skin etc. as well as the beginning of my nasty road rash.

Thanks to all of you who called, emailed, Facebook messaged me, etc.

I'm racing again in Austin this weekend. It's called Prima Vera at Lago Vista and I hear it's hard and, well hard. Works for me cause I'm not here to be a slouch.

Today we, okay, Steve took my 2007 new Trek Madone apart and put all the parts on the new ride. It went better than we thought.....

So far I'm totally digging Austin. Warm weather (yeah, I like that). Groovy people and places. It's kind of like L-town, but bigger. I've been down here before, but I wasn't ready for Austin. Strange how that works. I needed the experiences of Lawrence to make me grow enough so that I'd be ready for somewhere else. I guess, "every good person from Kansas gets the hell out of Kansas." -Ryan Lash. I'd write more about this, but that's a conversation for later.

So for all you that care enough to ask, here's a list of the ailments from the crash as they are now:
I'm numb on my left ASIS from swelling (and a possible chip fracture- but it could be an old one...)
There are still a couple of wounds that are open and bleeding. That's bad right? How bad?
Lots of bruising and a couple of hematomas still.
Fractured, or just plain broken rib. It's making that "click" feeling as it starts to heal.

Steve and I hooked up with Dave Wenger and Stefan Rothe on Wednesday for an epic 115 mile march through hill country. Dave called it the "Cave Ride." Really a cool ride, and I didn't show too much of my February form. Important: Now it's March, so I'm fit. Ha! It seems that every bike rider is an environmentalist. I think it's because we see what we are losing everyday. Ultimately, our "progress" is restricting our own freedom and ability to escape to a more serene place.

But we did see cows!

I raced today... all busted up and everything. I'll post more on it later. Now, I'm tired.