Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Exit, stage left

Well, it seems as though my time here has come and gone. I wish I had some more pics to show, but sometimes, some memories are best left as such.

Austin is a great town with an exciting group of people and enormous mix of... well, everything. People. Sixth Street to the Warehouse District cover most of the spectrum of interesting folks. One block you're nearly getting puked on my drunken college goofs, the next block you're dancing to the Spazmatics, and then another block over, you're enjoying a martini with a bunch of ritzy yuppies all bent on showing off their money.

As I lie here listening to the owl who resides outside my window I remember what it's like to be woken by the songs of birds coming through your open windows. I can't wait for spring.

My road rash is mostly healed and is actually starting to get itchy, a good sign. The cracked bones are another story, but their getting better also. I no longer feel beat up... as much. I do have some sort of intermuscular hematoma on my calf muscle which is very painful, but that should subside with time. Months maybe.

I'm so very happy I came. Austin has been good to me this time.

Okay, tomorrow's the day to drive and I'm too sleepy to type more. Wish me luck!