Friday, March 7, 2008

Life and Time.

Sometimes the path we take in life is one we least expect, yet can change your life the most.

Austin, the iconic symbol of spiritual freedom for all of Texas, has called. For the first time, I’m listening. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. I was supposed to get on a plane and be in Aruba all last week. For a few days, I was supposed to live a different time line that could have changed my life.

But I’ll never know what could have become of that time line. That time line faded, withered, and died before it ever sprouted. That time line never did and never will happen. That time line never was… What did I miss? I’ll never know for sure. Did I miss the chance to interact with someone in particular as well as hundreds of people and change their lives….. Yes, I missed an entire lifetime that could have been.

On the other hand, this time line has changed me. I met dozens of people, interviewed, lived life, took risks and lived a different time line. Every experience influences your life and helps to make you who you are and this has changed my life possibly forever. Already I’m returning home and it doesn’t even really feel like home anymore. Home is a relative term, but I believe it somewhere you feel that you belong.

I think I realized sometime late last year that life is short and you’ve got to live your dreams and make things happen. You’ve only got so many years to have adventures and adventures I will have. I think I’ve about used up my experiences in Lawrence, which inevitably means that Lawrence probably won’t be home much longer. I guess that’s okay, after all, “all good Kansans get the hell out Kansas.” Right Mr. Lash?