Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Illness. What a "good" time to take a mid-season break.

In hind sight, I probably had this coming for some time....

It seems that the better you ride, the more prone you are to illness. My only examples are all anecdotal, but the theory seems to be right on. I probably got ill last Sunday the 14th. I had just "finished" the NVGP and came home early to do the Sunday ride in Lawrence. The ride was hard and I made it a point to do more than my fair share of the work, which wiped me out for the day. That's a bit unusual for me, but whatever. For the entire next week, I basically slid downhill the entire time. I thought I was riding myself into a funk, but I guess I was... Wait! I was right! I AM in a funk. It's just not a performance funk. Ha!

Okay, so what's the verdict? Basically, I've been running a bit of a fever since Monday afternoon with lots of drainage that turned into a soul wrenching cough. My sides, abs, back and shoulders are all sore from coughing so much. Ouch! The Dr. has me on: Z-Pack, Zycam, Emergen- C, Mucinex/ Pseudoephederine, and Theraflu cough syrup. He initially gave me Loritab, but I've had bad experiences with those before. Tilley was there in Nebraska, right Jen?

So basically I've been on the couch so sick I couldn't even concentrate long enough to watch a 3o minute show on the TV. Blah. It's amazing how much I take an athlete's energy for granted. In the past, it's not that I "can't" do something such as mow the lawn, clean house, walk the dog, etc. It's more that I wasn't motivated enough to do it. I had the energy, I just didn't want to spend it. As it stands right now, I simply can't do any of that stuff. I've no energy for anything besides sleeping on the couch, futon, or bed. I definitely have an appreciation for those with any sort of health problem which saps energy.

On that note, I've got about 3- 4 posts in mind/ in progress about my week in Austin. I just need to muster up the energy to finish them.