Friday, June 13, 2008

NVGP Stages 2 and 3

Cannon Falls Road Race.
Nothing got away, no wind, not hard. Basically it was a free ride until I flatted about 1k from the gravel section leading into the circuits. Crap. Finished a few minutes down, and with the TT I may very well be battling for the DFL jersey.

I hate TT's for anyone that doesn't know me. I have no idea how fast I rode but I'm only hoping to make the time cut. I hope Rory Sutherland rode, "slow" this morning.

In the meantime, this is where the sleep deprivation begins. 1030am TT, 745pm Criterium tonight, 11am Road Race tomorrow morning and 1pm Criterium Sunday. Gotta love it!

At some point I'll give my take on Minneapolis. When I get a chance.