Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Training and Training Races

I got home after my fantastic trip to Texas and was genuinely surprised to see that the warm air had followed me north. This meant for some more fun in the sun on the bike and fun we had. It’s easy to get used to 70 degree weather. Almost too easy.... Especially, when spring officially starts on March 20th this year. Until then, it's STILL Winter!

I had an old friend from the olden days (Okay, it’s not really that long ago, but it sure seems like it sometimes) for business. He works for the FBI so he’s not allowed to tell me what work it is. All that I know is that he’s got two mobile PDA’s and a badge. We had intended to do some racing and training in the KS between his business trips. However, there was a bit of a hitch with the first day of racing.

I guess the Spring Fling has now been made into an event that leaves out the elite categories. I’m not sure what the reasoning is for this is as P,1,2 riders haven’t influenced the outcome of the series in years. Also, it’s a good way to pick up some entry fees from some of the guys if they’re not traveling. I’ve done the Spring Fling every year since it began and this is the first time I’ve ever been refused entry solely because I’m over-qualified. Typically, athletes relish the opportunity to race with the highest quality of field they can.…. But I could be wrong.

Rob Kelly got to race, click here for his report.

The next day, we rode to the Perry Series and I was allowed to race. Whew, I can still race in Kansas. Thanks the Wheatland Cycling Team for continuing to have a full repertoire of races.

The ride out was brutal! 30mph block headwind and 40 degrees. I took a page from the Steve Tilford San Antonio ride and decided 10min rotations were the way to go. Probably not the best warm up. By the time Jason, Rob, and myself got to the race we were basically gassed. Uh, oh. We start and within a lap, Rob and Tom Price are off the front, where they will remain for ½ the race. It all came back together with about a lap to go and I started jumping. I thought, maybe I could sneak off the front. But in actuality, I managed to get everyone fixated on me and only me. Rob rolled off the front again, virtually unchecked. Interesting. I led new teammate, Bill Marshall, out for the uphill sprint and he took the win, passing a totally nuked Rob in the process.

Kudos to Rob: He realized early in the race that he didn’t have the “punch” to get up the hill and place well in an uphill sprint. SO… he took some steps to remove the uphill sprint from his race and get a result. It didn’t work for him, but if things would have been just a bit different………

Some Numbers for the Perry Race:

Riding to the race:

Time: 1:11

Avg Speed: 15.2

Avg Power: 236 W

Work: 957 kj

Windnoise: 80 decibels, What?! I can't hear you!

Perry Race:

Time: 54min.

Avg Speed: 21.9mph.

Work: 880 kj (about normal for a 1 hour Cat 3 criterium)

Avg Power: 326 W

Ride Home, with Tom and Co:

Time to Lawrence: 52min.

Avg Speed: 21.6mph

Avg Power: 175 W

Work: 475 kj