Monday, April 20, 2009


One of the most important days in every spring is the first day you can wear shorts.... comfortably. Not that, "it's cold but I really want it to be warm so I'll still wear shorts in a vain effort to believe that spring is upon us." I'm hoping today is the day. The FIRST day in shorts. It's been a while and I've got some things to say about some races and I'll do that later. But first:

Why do you see Ugg Boots and winter coats but running shorts? Huh? Winter boots and shorts?

New "foster dog" that Alyson is caring for. It's really just a ploy to get me to adopt the dog. I'm growing a liking to him.

HyVee meat department. I think this is awesome! Strange but people got upset about this. One angered person was Vegan. I don't get it... People are "okay" with ground bovine flesh out for all to view, but the moment you have some fun with it, it's gross? Whatever.

Finally! I saw this at the store. It's an AXE Detailer. Look closely and you can see that it's actually just a Luffa only in Man-stlye... seriously. Is that possible? A Man-Luffa? Basically, let's take a Luffa (pictured to the right, in pink), make it black (manly color) and add a spare monster truck tire looking thing to it (to make it more manly), and put a manly blood red scrubber on it and BAM! Manly right?! You be the judge. I just think it's silly. Oh and it's $3.50 compared to the pink thing ($0.99). Why would you need to look tuff in the shower?