Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Finding Form, Tuesday Night Worlds Epic!

Tis the end of the road season. For some, it's really just hitting the pre-season for CX. For others, the end is near. This is where all the hard work matters the most for the latter of the above. They are hitting higher powers and doing more times than they have all year. Hopefully, I'll be able to profile them as this blog progresses. Stay tuned for that!

There are a few Source Endurance clients who are targeting CX races and I think everyone is going to see a raising of the bar in the Midwest. Grab your bikes and let's get to Crossin' it Up!

That's right, no more easy races. None. In this area we've got a few guys who I think are capable of scoring some UCI points this year. Steve Tilford, Shadd Smith, Brian Jensen, Joe Schmalz, and Chris Wallace. There's always one up and coming phenom so watch for that! Also, let's not forget Dean Parker. I believe he's got a couple of Silver Medals from Worlds?

It was a fast and furious adventurous Tuesday night. Total NASCAR! And testing the laws of physics (two different masses STILL can not occupy the same space at the same time). Lots of attacks and lots of chasing. Mr. Jensen was there and made every break on the day showing that he's in fast form for Gateway Cup. Nick Coil was there as well rounding out the duo of Tradewind Energy riders. With the horsepower they had, they could basically do anything they wanted. And they did.

The two made all the moves and all the aggression made it hurt for everyone. I don't think anyone had an easy day. If you did, you probably skipped a couple of laps. I took some hard pulls or bridging efforts on the day and it was obvious that a field sprint was in order. Time to line up the lead-out train!

Coming around 3 on the penultimate lap, Brian jumped, HARD, with Nick on his wheel followed by John Giles and a couple others. I thought it was too early, but as fast as Brian had been going all night, I thought, "Oh sh*t! Brian is leading Nick out and he's doing it early and I'm completely out of position!!!" I didn't see it going down like that at all. I thought for sure Nick would light the afterburners for Brian. Ugh. But then Nick got gapped on the strong acceleration, Brian looked back and kept going and snap went the elastic.... Brian had 3 seconds, three solid seconds with one lap to go and he's still opening time..... So I roll to the front and drop a brick on the accelerator, lead out time.

Corner 4. 3.25s Full gas.
Start/ Finish line. 3s. Full gas, stand and sprint.
Turn 1. Brian is just now at full flight and that's not slow. He's 100% capable of opening the gap again and he's not going to sit up. I'm at full gas, but not planning on making the finish line, 2.75s.
Turn 2. I'm burned up, Jason Knight takes over the lead out with a hard charging field behind.
Turn 3. Jason had buried the tachometer all the way in the red, which is why the field got within striking distance. 2.0s
Turn 4. Josh Crow jumps and drags eventual winner David Hejduk (sp?) and Mark Cole (2nd place) to the line. Brian still finishes third.

Everyone is totally gassed but what a fun finish! Hats off to David for winning a TNW KC. I don't know if he's won any this year, but he deserved every bit of that one. And to Mark, for being patient and waiting for the train to roll out. Thanks to Brian and Nick for absolutely throttling everyone the entire time at this edition of TNW KC.

I wonder what sort of epic adventure the final TNW KC will be? Only one way to find out......