Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Final TNW KC Criterium!

Total KC domination for some athletes I've been working with over the past few months. Here's the scoop....

Fast and furious final showdown on the TNW KC series. Many a rider were vying for the last victory and the chance to unseat Shadd Smith as the TNW KC King but it was not to be. However, it's not without trying!

Myself included, here are how some of the folks I've been working with impacted the final TNW KC:

Adam Mills, Joe Schmalz: Slammed the door on a one team (Epic/ Specialized), 3 man break with 8 sec advantage at 1.5 laps to go catching them with 2 corners to go.

Then, at the finish,

Shadd Smith 1st.
Jason Knight 3rd.
Mark Cole 4th.
Tom Price 6th.

That's very, very impressive. These guys have been hard work all season long and that's not all of them! Dean Parker is aiming to climb some stairs at CX Nationals this year. With all these guys taking focusing on CX this year, I don't think it's the last time you'll see their names above the fold on a result sheet this year. Stay tuned!