Monday, September 28, 2009

Source Endurance Athletes Go Fast and Get Dirty!

I always feel a sense of pride whenever I have a client perform at his/ her highest level.  Here are some stories from the weekend.  Have some of your own?  Be sure to let me know!

USGP of Cyclocross!
Saturday's course was fast and furious, and with the best CX riders in the US coming directly to Madison from Cross Vegas, it was going to be tough to crack the top placings.  However, Saturday saw Joe Schmalz come from the 7th row to score a top 20 in a UCI C1 event.  Not only that, but he placed 2nd in U23 Classification, gaining him some valuable USGP points.  That is incredible!  Although, I'd like to say, not unexpected.  Joe has been showing some fantastic improvement across the board throughout 2009 and he's not done yet!  Keep an eye out for more of Joe Schmalz in the near future! 

Joe Schmalz. 2nd Place USGP. U23.

As the story goes, it started raining just prior to the event turning all the bare dirt from the day before into slippery, slimy mud......  Great conditions for two SE athletes, Joe Schmalz and Bryan Fawley.  The mud made the race a test of pure power and toughness.  The result (click on the "Sunday" link)?  Joe 18th and Bryan 19th.  Joe also placed 3rd in the U23 Classification further solidifying his position in the USGP.  Great riding to both!

Joe Schamlz.  3rd Place USGP.  U23.

Diamond Blackfan CX.

Shadd Smith rides away from the competition with Steve Tilford to make it a Tradewind Energy 1-2 in the Men's Open race.  This marks the beginning of the true CX season for Shadd as he is now shifting all his training to be completely CX specific in multiple modalities.  Great hustle from Shadd!