Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rest Day?!!

With all the athletes I coach for CTS, and all the bike racers/ riders I associate with, I get asked, "what do you guys (the whole HRRC team) do for rest days. Well.....

First, I have a, "no wet ass while training" policy. I figure, I ride enough all year that when it rains I don't need to train. I mean c'mon, cold and rain... who wants that?

And, it rained today, all day. Talk about depressing. What to do? Well, I finished a bunch of those little 1-2 hour projects that always need done but somehow stay on the back burner. And, you make cookies!

Yumm. Cookie Dough.

Make it hurry up!


My roommate, John, enjoying. He just had a "cookie-asm."

Yup. Not losing weight today.

Also, it's a sad day, but a new beginning. Yes, I have retired my wallet. It had a good run. 12 years or so. Actually, my high school sweethart got it for me as a Christmas gift. Now, it's time for a new beginning. The first wallet I've ever purchased on my own. Strange... I bought my first house before I bought my first wallet. Hmm....

Old and Busted:

New Hottness: