Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Warmth. The lifebreath of nature.

Old Man Winter is gone and has taken its harsh unforgiving chill with it. Winter air is, by nature, arid. It leaches the moisture from every tissue it contacts, leaving it shriveled and thirsty as it passes. It chills and irritates the lungs, giving anyone brave enough to venture outside that bitter cough we all know so well. Old Man Winter was brutal and unrelenting this year.

The warm and humid air is everything that is spring. New life arising from the cold and desolate season of Winter. Every inhalation and exhalation brings reprieve and refreshment. Spring air has substance unlike each arid breath taken all winter. Each Spring breath can be felt as it flows into the nose and sinuses. Each crevasse creates small eddys where the humidity swirls and begins to replenish that which was cruelly and slowly drained by winter. As the air flows down the trachea and into the lungs it can be felt as it replenishes the body. This air feels like it can be drawn in, chewed, and released. This air shows you that it is bringing the essence of life. This spring air is much needed and was missed dearly.