Friday, February 6, 2009

Mercy Team Camp Day 1.

It's "late" and we're up early. I'll be brief.
Our 3 hour ride turned to 5 hours and we didn't get finished until well after dark. We climbed some "hill" that was super hard and really high. Actually, I think it's 2 feet shy of a mountain.

Anyways, it was fun to ride new roads I've never seen before and team is looking good.

I just got an SRM so here are some stats:
Work: 3114 kj
Total ride time: 4:54
Dist: 87 miles
Normalized power for the ride: 240 W.
Time at which I was ready to be done riding: 4 hours.
Time spent coasting: 20% or roughly 1 hour.
Average Temperature: 67F
Average Heart Rate: 13 bpm, which is odd because I wasn't wearing a HRM.

Pictures...... No idea, but I'll see if anyone took any.