Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mercy Team Camp Day 2.

Okay so day 2 is in the books. We did Talamina (sp?) road, which is pronounced, "67 miles uphill."

Well, that's how it felt. For the record when someone says, "the road rolls for the first hour" it means there should be some downhills too. Roll, goes both ways. Instead, we basically did different gradients of uphill for the first hour.

Everyone is so excited to ride down here. And everyone is excited to ride hard. I already have my short list of guys who I'm avoiding pulling with in the group. Ahem, Nolan.

Okay so without further ado, SRM stats:

Distance: 67miles.
Max Speed: 49.5 mph.
Work completed: 3054 kcal.
Ride time: 4:07
Avg. Temp: 64F
Normalized Power for the ride: 260 W.
Amount of coasting: 16% or 39 minutes
Ride time going uphill: 3:28
Ride time going downhill: 39 minutes
Coincidence?: No.
Time spent at or above Lactate Threshold: 95 minutes.
Amount of MexiCAN food eaten after the ride: LOTS!

Okay I'm going to bed now.